Window Curtain




      THC3014 Lace pull up curtain 59x60"L $65.00/pc
      * Length adjust by the ribbon
      Color: cream/Taupe/Sage/Rose/Lavender/Vanila/Burgundy/Antique copper/country blue


      THC3014 can be pull up as a valance
      THM004 Hand made ribbon cluster rose pin sold seperate $8.00/pc

      Color:  antique cream/antique rose/peach/old lavender/burgundy"


      THC3016 window valance and swag display with
      THC3014 pull up curtain
      Color: cream/Taupe/Sage/Rose/Lavender/Vanila/Burgundy/Antique copper

      3 pcs valance set which includes 2 side swag (36"W x 64" on each side)
      and 1 center valance (60"Wx16") so total width 120" x 64" Length $99.00/set
      Additional valance THC3016V 60”x16” sold separate at $35.00/pc


      THC3013  Irish rose pattern lace pointed valance size 40"wx28"Length $49.00/pc
      * Picture shown with 3 pcs


      THC3012  Angel rose pattern lace pointed valance size 40"x28" length $49.00/pc
      * Picture shown with 3 pcs


      THC3011 Irish rose pattern scalloped valance size $49.00/pc
      (Picture shown intertwined of 2 valances)


      THC3010  Angel rose pattern scalloped valance size  $49.00/pc
      (Picture shown with 2 valances side by side)

      Lace window scarf 36x120" $49.00
      Color: cream/Taupe/Sage/Rose/Lavender/Vanila/Burgundy/Antique copper
      56x84" window panel w/scallop design on edge L $59.00/panel
      Color: cream/Taupe/Sage/Rose/Lavender/Vanila/Burgundy/Antique copper

      THC2017  Window panel w/attached valance and matching lace
      trimming on the bottom size 54"x84" length $79.00/panel


      Tracy Harwin ® Copyright 2014
      Lace Shawl, Lace Hat, Lace Teddy, Macrame Valance, Curtain, chair cover

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